hbis implementing low carbon product development plan (2023-九游会


hbis low carbon product development plan (2023-2026), jointly developed by hbis and china metallurgical industry planning and research institute(mpi), commenced its implementation on september 1, 2023. this is a pilot project to further reduce carbon emission of hbis to lead the green and low carbon development and build a low carbon industrial chain, first in china and world steel industry.   

the plan follows the last year’s 6 2 low carbon technology development road map and is dedicated to building a 6 6 5 low carbon steel, green steel and near carbon neutral products. from 2023 to 2026, hbis would develop capabilities of 4.25million tons, 5.5 million tons,6.1 million tons and 7.41 million of low carbon steel each year. compare to 2021, the average emission intensity will reduce 52% in 2026.  2023-2026 will be the first phase of the plan and the partners will further study to support hbis to meet the targets of carbon reduction.   

according to the plan, hbis will develop three models of low carbon development. first, it will coordinate 6 fields of procedures, including bf bof long process, hymex, eaf, mix-eafhymex-t andmix-eaf-h). secondly, 6 categories of products, that specialized, characteristics, refined and high end,  will be developed to connect downstream industries, automobile strips hc340lad z, cr340/590dp, household appliance strips dx53d z,  dc51d zm, bearing steel and gear steel 16mncr520crnimooverall, more than 30 types of products. thirdly, 5 grades of low carbon steel will be developed in parallel with the brand of  hinex steel, in turn, l1.6、l1.3、g1.0、g0.5、z. the definition, l low carbon steel, g, green steel, and z, near carbon neutral steel.