hbis delivering hydrogen metallurgy dri low carbon automobile steel to bmw-九游会


hbis tangsteel is delivering its newly developed low carbon automobile steel to bwm. the high quality steel uses hydrogen steel making dri materials. the testing results have been sent to bmw and qualification procedures will be initiated. compare to traditional products, low carbon automobile steel could significantly reduce carbon emissions in production. the new product is building a green and low carbon steel chain and a positive start to the sustainable development of steel industry.  

last august, hbis and bmw signed the mou of building a green & low carbon steel supply chain and bmw would be the first client of hbis green and low carbon steel. in mid-2023, bmw shenyang plant will gradually use hbis low carbon steel. beating traditional materials, low carbon steel could reduce their co2 emission by 10-30%. producing and using low carbon steel could be an effect way to cut co2 emissions in the full cycle of automobiles.

hbis world’s first 1.2milion ton hydrogen steel making pilot plant is using the rich hydrogen dri to replace high quality scrap steel. compare to traditional long process bf carbon steel making technologies, the new process reduces the emissions of co2, so2, no, and dust particles by 70%, 30%, 70% and 80% and above. adding more dri materials, tangsteel finds a new way to further reduce carbon emissions. in production, tangsteel takes full advantages of its first class equipment and adopts intelligent model optimized procedures. the high standard management and monitor and control could guarantee the quality of the products.