cflp promoting a hbis project as classic study case of hydrogen energy applications-九游会


in the 2023 hydrogen energy summit & chengdu & chongqing hydrogen energy industry conference, hbis project of commercialization of hydrogen energy won the title of high quality hydrogen energy application operation issued by cflp, china federation of logistics & purchasing. this is the first time cflp awards this title to a steel enterprise.

with its rich hydrogen resources and logistic capabilities, hbis has been exploring commercial opportunities of hydrogen energy and operating the country’s first commercial 49ton class hydrogen heavy load truck fleet, which is an iconic and leading project in the diesel-hydrogen fuel upgrade efforts in beijing-tianjin-hebei region and even in the whole country.  

hbis project of specialized hydrogen heavy load truck business includes strategic conglomerate of hydrogen factories, hydrogen refueling stations, fuel cell manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and logistic enterprises. this operation significantly lowers the costs of hydrogen energy trucks and makes the large scale operation of hydrogen logistics economically feasible and offers green logistic solutions to steel, coking and port industries. hydrogen energy could improve the development of electric vehicles (ev)and ev could sustain the operations of hydrogen energy. hbis project could balance the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cells improves the feasibility of hydrogen heavy load trucks. hbis project shows the feasibility of hydrogen logistics, implementations and business models. it discusses the hydrogen vehicle and ev applications under different circumstances and could help to improve the hydrogen energy industrial chain, expand the applications and build a hydrogen supply system.