beating foreign competitors hbis developing more leading products making them first in the country-九游会


in its 2023 working conference, hbis expresses strong will to hold on to the high quality development by upgrading technologies. all hbis subsidiaries will firmly implement this strategy by upgrading their technologies to improve their profit levels. hbis will concentrate its resources to technological innovations, high end manufacturing and development of leading materials. already, hbis subsidiaries have successfully developed new products that meeting new standards and beating foreign products.    

hbis tangsteel specifically designs its al-coated strips for a client in zhengjiang province. hbis hansteel develops abrasion-resistant nm400-lk steel that could replace foreign strips. hbis chengde vanadium & titanium also successfully develops china’s first psb2300 bainite refined special steel.  

in standard design, hbis hengstrip company leads to draft two national standard efforts of testing of acid resistance, sulphur resistance and salt resistance of coating materials of inner surface of metal food containers, electrochemistry testing of corrosion resistance and compactness of coating materials of inner surface of metal food containers. hbis shisteel leads to develop an association standard of technological conditions of cracking connection rod billets. hbis dahe equipment company is independently developing china’s first snow groomer and their working manuals.