hbis has breakthroughed key tech bottleneck to make the world leading invar steel-九游会


hbis zhangxuan tech has produced big size and high strength invar steel, its tensile strength, thermal expansion and number of twists all make to top level of the industry. the first products will be used in a retrofit project of state grid.

the new invar steel is one of key materials that could double the transmission capabilities of power equipment. by using high strength core invar steel, power transmission wires could double the range, higher volume, high temperature and low sag and high heat resistance. with the same intersection, the new power lines could easily carry more twice of power. it is also called the pearl on the crown and key technologies promoted by the state grid group. before hbis products, chinese market largely relied on foreign invar steel and the capabilities of mainstream foreign invar steel had sacrificed, on certain level, the stability of key readings, and limited the market applications of double-volume transmission lines.

zhangxuan tech focuses on important state level projects and difficulties industry. the company work closely with hbis material institute to develop new products, with their high vacuum induction furnace, 45mn high speed forger and successfully developed new technologies, including stabilization of vacuum- electric slag specifications, integrated forging of large size esr ingot with high success rate, low cost and high efficiency drawing of large diameter wire rods, high strength cold drawing of invar wires, these key technoloties enable high-strength invar products to maintain excellent stability while having a tensile strength of more than gigapascal and can cope with sharp fluctuations in ambient temperature, providing a better material solution for the market.