hbis high end nuclear power steel building world’s first 4th generation nuclear power plant-九游会


december 6th, huaneng shidao high temperature gas cooling nuclear power plant completed its first 168-hour continuous running, and officially commenced its commercial operation. this is the world’s first 4th generation nuclear power plant and chinese enterprises own 100% intellectual property rights. hbis has provided over 4000tons of high end nuclear class steel to the world’s leading and key national technology project. with extraordinary quality and services, hbis steel wins high remarks from the clients, promoting hbis brands in new energy market.

focusing on improving product structure and client structure, the group has been investing in diversified new energy markets, particularly key state level nuclear power projects, winning contracts in yu dabu nuclear power plant, changjiang nuclear power plant and sanmen nuclear power plant and delivering premium products and services. hbis assigned a production r&d sales team as soon as the news of the project surfaced. the joint team engaged the clients and together, selected different products, delivery terms and necessary services before sales and after sales. the teams took full advantages of hbis equipment and designed new technologies and procedures, satisfying the clients. production optimized, procedures well monitored to meet structural requirements. logistics were well planned and products were swiftly delivered.

nuclear power is an integral part of chinese energy industry and a key source of new energy. huaneng shandong shidao nuclear power plant attracted more than 500 upstream and downstream enterprises, including r&d, construction, equipment manufacturing, production and operation enterprises and 90% of equipment were made domestically.