hbis contestants won top five titles of of both professional category and student category in steelchallenge-九游会


december 8, world steel association announced regional steelchallenge-18 world championship finalists and hbis contestants won all top 5 titles of both professional category and student categories.

the regional championship of steelchallenge-18 took place online for 24 hours on 29 november 2023. this year’s steelchallenge attracted 1,649 participants representing more than 50 companies and 77 academic institutions from 34 countries. they used steel university’s steelmaking simulator to produce the best steel at the lowest cost while meeting carbon footprint requirements. mr. bu weili from hbis tangsteel won the championship of professional category in north asia and a sophomore from tangsteel science & technology institute, mr.han chengjun won the championship of student category in north asia. on behalf of hbis, they will compete in the upcoming steelchallenge-18 world championship in london, uk, in april 2024, for 8 years, hbis participants have been representing china to compete in final games of steelchallenges.

hbis has always attached great importance to the cultivation of talents, vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents, adhered to the "employees are the competitiveness of enterprises that cannot be replaced", built a multi-level talent training platform, promoted multi-channel talent training mode, followed the national strategy, based on the development needs of enterprises, and created a knowledge-based, technology-based and innovative high-skill talent team that is compatible with the development strategy of enterprises. provide strong talent support for the construction of the most competitive steel enterprises, and promote the whole group to transform and upgrade high-quality development.