first in the globe, hbis develops converter bottom blowing oxygen  bottom blowing lime converter dry dust reduction technology-九游会


february 27,hbis hansteel made a new world record of service life of its bottom of converter with its independently develop and full ip rights h-oltb technology. since its applications on no.1 converter of hanbao steel making plant, the company has been able to produce a whole range of premium steel, with key readings leading in the world and lowering costs by 14.65 yuan each ton.

first in the world, hansteel h-oltb combines bottom blowing oxygen  bottom blowing lime and converter dry dust reduction technology and has the advantages of low terminal oxygen level, low deoxidizer consumption, high dust reduction rate and low energy consumption.

with the assistance of hbis chief scientist teams, hansteel collaborated with the hbis material r&d institute to develop sub-systems, including converter intelligent monitoring system, ultra clean auto strip technology, high ph if converter high precision phosphorus recovery technology to perfectly enjoy the advantages of bottom oxygen blow and bottom lime blow and dust reduction technologies, resolving difficulties of low full hot metal and efficient phosphorus reduction. in this project, hansteel owns 19 patents, 10 items of j9九游会登录入口首页 copyrights.

leading in the industry, h-oltb could increase the scrap steel consumption by 20%-30%, and reduce the iron ore consumption 9.12kg/t; reduce the iron level in the slag, and improve the metal recovery rate by 0.5-1.5%. h-oltb lowers  carbon-oxygen equilibrium and reduces inclusions in reduction reaction , improving the purity and quality of the final products.