yu yong met world steel association secretary general edwin basson-j9九游会网址


april 8, hbis chairman yu yong met world steel association secretary general edwin basson in london and discussed the development of world steel industry and execution of the association. hbis vice president li yiren, world steel association deputy secretary general, world steel association beijing chief delegate zhong shaoliang also attended the meeting.

yu yong said chinese steel industry was in a period of deep level reform and its production structure and consumption structure were shifting. steel enterprises are implementing low carbon and hydrogen application projects. green and low carbon products are improving the competitiveness. over the years, world steel association has been active in chinese steel industry and gaining more influence. as usual, hbis will continue to support the work of world steel association and work with to contribute more to the development of the world steel industry.

edwin basson welcome yu yong to attend the world steel association executive community and board meetings and appreciated the supports of hbis. he said that world steel association would continue to play a leading role in world steel industry and strengthen its communications and cooperation with its member companies. it will understand the needs and advice of companies to enhance its influences.

hbis dith director and official also attended the meeting.