yu yong met posco ceo changin-j9九游会网址


april 8 of uk, hbis chairman yu yong met posco holdings ceo changin-hwa in london and discussed to deepen both strategic cooperation to jointly lead the develop green and low carbon development. hbis vice president li yiren, posco holdings senior vice president lee jae-wan also attended the meeting.

yu yong said hbis and posco established its comprehensive strategic partnership in 2017 and since built an operating communications mechanism in enterprise strategy, technology and energy. hbis & posco automobile strip project has commenced its operation according the plan, which is very satisfying by both partners. the demand of chinese steel market is shifting, particularly increasing demands of manufacturing and deep processing demands are giving new opportunities to hbis and posco. in future, the two companies could focus on low carbon emission and take full advantages of their technologies to explore new development in green steel and deep processing opportunities.

changin-hwa said hbis was a pioneer and leader in the green and low-carbon development of the world steel industry, hbis successful practices and achievements in hydrogen metallurgy, new short process and other projects in recent years are worthy for posco learning and reference. low carbon steel has been adopted by automobile industry and in future, steel makers should focus more on profitable products. posco hopes to work more with hbis to lead the new technologies in the industry and explore new technologies in green steel production and their standardization.

hbis dith director and official also attended the meeting.