first in global, hbis launching hydrogen shaft furnace & zero carbon emission arc furnace project, a new short process project-j9九游会网址


march 29, hbis zhangxuan high tech launched its hydrogen shaft furnace project, first zero carbon emission arc furnace in the globe. it is an important part of 1.2million hydrogen steel making pilot plant to making zhangxuan high tech one of country’s green reform showpiece projects. the project will adopt new procedures, new energy reform technologies and provide low carbon products. it will effectively provide first products of carbon neutrality procedures and improve the competitiveness of chinese low carbon steel industry.

after world’s first 1.2million-ton hydrogen steel making pilot project completion on december 16, 2022 and its commencement of green dri products in may 2023, this is an important milestone in the reform of hydrogen steel making technologies. low-carbon metallurgical technology is the commanding height to promote the green transformation of steel, which determines the future competition trend of world steel.

hbis is a front runner of hydrogen steel making in industrial scale and the new project of hydrogen dri & arc furnace is a positive combination of green technologies and new materials in production, a new development of hydrogen steel making arc shaft furnace.

as one of the world's eight leading low-carbon common technology directions determined by the china iron and steel association, the project is guided by hbis group and university of science and technology beijing, focusing on the core technologies such as high-quality and low-carbon preparation of hydrogen-based direct reduced iron, efficient energy supply of electric arc furnace steelmaking, and direct reduced iron smelting with electric arc furnace under the guidance of near-zero carbon in smelting process, near-zero carbon in energy sources and near-zero carbon in raw material production. systematically carry out research and development of key technologies and engineering application research of hydrogen-based shaft furnace-near-zero carbon emission electric arc furnace steelmaking, and finally achieve the goal of near-zero carbon emission of crude steel, and promote the research and development and promotion of green high-quality steel materials.