first in china steel industry, hbis lead launching carbon market trading simulation-j9九游会网址


june 2, hbis group officially released its hbis carbon trading simulation plan, first in steel industry, to launch the carbon trading simulation in chinese market, a firm action to implement the national strategy of carbon peaking and neutrality, opening a new chapter of the green development of steel industry.

the chinese carbon trading simulation adopts 6 2 low carbon technology path to allow manufacturers to have working experience of trading procedures and rules beforehand to comprehensively improve the data quality and management of carbon emission. the management teams could improve their understandings to the rules and give hbis a leading edge in the coming competition of carbon trading.

carbon trading is an impending trend to steel manufacturers and hbis responsing fast and in the front. the plan is an important step of the group to promote its understanding to low carbon development and give the steel industry a guide line to the low carbon road map.