hbis and university of belgrade together launching a joint green steel manufacturing laboratory-j9九游会真人游戏第一


on april 15, serbia local time, the unveiling ceremony of the steel green manufacturing joint laboratory of hbis group - belgrade university was held in belgrade, and the two sides will gather global technical talents and other innovative elements, committed to building the joint laboratory into a model of scientific and technological cooperation in belt and road initiative. hbis group chairman yu yong delivered a speech in the ceremony, administrative deputy minister of science, technological development and innovation miroslay trajanovic, deputy minister of science, technological development and innovation marina sokovic,deputy minister for education gabrijela grujić, principal of belgrade university vladan djokić, dean of the faculty of metallurgy of belgrade university petar uskoković attended the ceremony unveiled of the plaque. hbis group vice president li yiren held the ceremony.

yu yong said, chinese president xi jinping and serbian president aleksandar vučić had high hope towards hbis serbia and chinese hebei cpc committee and provincial government has provided great assistance to the company. the company is an ironclad of friendship of chinese and serbian people. hbis and belgrade university further deepen practical cooperation in the field of green steel manufacturing, to gather the superior resources of both sides, based on the rich application scenarios of hbis serbia, cultivate more original and leading scientific research results, and provide new support and inject new impetus for promoting technological innovation and green development of hbis serbia. the joint laboratory will be accelerated to become a model of "belt and road" scientific and technological cooperation, and make new positive contributions to deepening the traditional friendship between china and serbia.

petar uskoković said university of belgrade was one of top universities in the balkans and its metallurgy studies were leading in europe. with its partners around the world, we are making cooperation and progresses in intelligent manufacturing and high tech development. green and low-carbon is the mainstream trend of the development of the global metallurgical industry, the university of belgrade and hbis to build a joint laboratory for steel green manufacturing, not only by serbia's great attention, but also the right choice for both sides. it is hoped that the two sides will further deepen cooperation, achieve practical results in more areas and make greater contributions to the continuous development of china and serbia relations.

hbis and university of belgrade build a comprehensive r&d partnership to have basic researches, innovation of green technologies and cbam studies. the new lab will have training and exchange plans to make the lab a competitive and influential r&d facility in the globe and a green steel making project in belt and road initiative.

hbis material institute, hbis serbia, and metallurgy institute of university of belgrade representative attended the ceremony.