hbis and siemens building a digital green factory for hbis serbia-j9九游会真人游戏第一


april 15, hbis and siemens signed an agreement to jointly build a digital green factory for hbis serbia, in belgrade, a brand new joint venture of an intelligent green steel project in serbia and making it one of most competitive steel mills in europe. hbis chairman yu yong witnessed the signature of the agreement and hbis vice president li yiren, siemens advanta global president daniel rui felicio signed the agreement. siemens china senior vice president, advanta china general management jiang chonglong attended the ceremony.

yu yong said siemens was an important strategic partner in the globe for hbis. since the signature of the strategic cooperation agreement, they have made progress in additive manufacturing, intelligent factory, digital production and internet of things. it is hoped that through this cooperation, the two sides will implement projects such as digital factory, smart energy control and esg system construction relying on hbis serbia, and build hbis serbia into a leading green, low-carbon and intelligent steel enterprise in europe.

daniel rui felicio said hbis was a leading steel manufacturer and a successful globalized chinese enterprise. siemens is a world lead technology group and digital technology could assist the intelligent and green & low carbon development of clients. the new project could enhance its cooperation with hbis and siemens is confident that the new mill be and green, low carbon and intelligent.

li yiren and daniel rui felicio signed the agreement, which is a new effort of the partner to build an overseas green and intelligent steel mill, a new level of strategic cooperation. the project will provide hbis serbia a digitized top level design, full process optimized esg system to improve its digitized development, energy management and conservation. joint working groups will be assigned to make execute this project.

hbis serbia and siemens advanta executives were also in the ceremony.